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Twin Bed Part II – The Headboard

This post is part 2 of the twin bed project. In this post I will go over how I made the headboard. This is where you can get creative. You don’t have to do the same thing, but hopefully it will give you some ideas.

Material List:

2 – Kiln Dried 2″x4″x8′  $2.79ea = $5.58

1 – 2’x4’x1/4″ Sheet of MDF $6.27

Screws – 3″ and 3/4″ (already had)

Wood Glue

Primer, Final Paint Color, Stain (already had)

To get started we need to take our two 2”x4”s and cut them to length. We need two pieces that are 23-½”, one at 50” and the last at 35”. The 23-½” pieces will be the two vertical ends and the 35” will be the horizontal piece at the bottom. Pre-drill for two 3” screw holes in each end of the horizontal piece. I indicated the screws with red lines in the picture below. It can be a little tricky screwing in these screws, just make sure you keep things flush. Sink the 3” screws past the surface so that they can be filled with wood filler.

h frame

Now we need to attach the top. We are going to keep the top flush with the back so that there is a over hang on the front, and a 4” over hang on each side. Screw two 3” screws into each vertical members. We are going to sink these screws past the surface of the wood so they could be filled with wood filler.

The back is next. I used a piece of 2’x4’x¼” MDF. This is a pre-cut piece that you can by at Home Depot so you don’t have to buy a full sheet. There are two ways you can install the back. You can do it like I did in the video and notch all four of the 2”x4”s so that the back sits flush. If you do it this way, then cutting the notch will be the second step you do after cutting the 2”x4”s to the finished lengths. The easy way to do it, is cut the MDF 1” larger on all four sides and just screw it on the back. I would use a ¾” screw and space them every 6”.

full back


back on

At this point you can be done if you want. Fill all the holes, sand,  and paint the 2”x4”s one color and then the center another. Or paint a fun picture in the center. I chose to use some ¼” plywood strips that I had and placed them in the center to look like tiles . Gluing the plywood strips onto the MDF was quite a task. In the end, hot glue worked the best because it set up fast. I then stained the center a fun color to match my daughters room. Be creative and have fun with this part. Make the headboard unique and one of a kind.


For $11.85 you can make a simply, yet unique headboard. The final price depends on what materials and supply you already have around your house.

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