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Textured Spray Paint

I have always been fascinated by the textured spray paint. Every time I walked by it at Home Depot, I would give it that look, “what are you”. Well I finally decided to test it out. I bought a can of the Rust-oleum Mulitcolor Textured spray paint and a plastic flower pot.

After getting all set up in my back yard, I pushed down on the nozzle and was surprised by the power that came out of the can. I also learned not to spray to close to the pot(or your object), cause the texture does come out fast. A few sprays later, I realize that the texture was a really fine sand with a adhesive to make it stick. It was that “ah ha” moment. So I went to work spraying the flower pot, and before I knew it, the can was almost gone. Luckily I was just about done, and had enough to finish. The stuff does go fast so be carefully.

Overall I thought it was a pretty cool product, and will use it again in the future.

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