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Chevron Design

The Chevron Design. It has become very popular, so much so, the wife wanted me to make something with the design on it. I have a ton of plywood strips in my garage, so I thought I would glue some together, then paint the design on it. The easy part was gluing up the board, the hard part,  laying out the design. I thought I had it all figured out in my head. I didn’t do any research on how to make the design.

So this is my attempt:

Looking back on it now, this was a very poor attempted. I should have put more thought into it, and maybe do a test piece.

Well, i got a second chance at it. My little sister was moving off to college and wanted a Chevron design for her dorm room. So after thinking about it, I came up with a easier way to paint the design on the board. Here is what I came up with:


Instead of using the tape, I laid out the design on a piece of cardboard. Then shaded the section I wanted to cut out. Using a sharp utility knife, I then very carefully cut the shaded part out, making sure my cuts were very clean. I also stretched out the design. The design I made in the video was to close together. Another advantage of cutting the design out on a piece of cardboard is that you can use it over and over again.



As you can see in the picture above, I would align  the bottom of the chevron with the top of the painted chevron, paint, then move up again. I used a couple quart paint cans to weigh the cardboard down so it didnt move while I was painting. I will end up cutting the rest of the chevron design out of the cardboard that way I wont have to move it. I wanted to make sure this would work. It did, and it was a lot faster. Stupid tape.


There is the finished product. I think it turned out great and my little sister loved it.

Here it is up in her dorm room:


Now I am thinking about making these and selling them. Would you buy one? Different colors? Different sizes?

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