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Backyard Transformation Part 8


Time for plants! Now the plants have been a on going process. I feel like there a always a few plants that die, I add plants every spring, its an on going cycle. When we first started out, I didn’t know what to plant. I looked around the neighbors houses to see what they were planting, trying to get a better idea of what to plant. My wife and I did go to a nursery, but in the end, thought it was going to be too expensive. We decided to take our time and add plants and flowers a bit at time. I was afraid to spent a lot of money on the plants only to  have them die several months later. Doing it like this helped us to see what plants were going to work in our soil condition.


I also knew I wanted to have an area for a garden. I have always been a fan of having a backyard garden. Nothing like going out and picking something fresh and having it for dinner that night. Here is how the garden looked the first year.


One thing I would change is the ground cover we used. Home Depot was having a sale on some bark and I went and picked up 30 bags. Well I wish I would have done a little more research. At a local dump and a green recycling area and you can get good bark for cheap if not free. The bark I bought at Home Depot gives you little splinters when you touch it or walk on it. Which isn’t good when you have little children. I think this spring I am going to replace all my bark with the good stuff from the dump. I think it will do a better job retaining the water in the soil and not give you splinters.



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