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Backyard Transformation Part 5


Now the fun begins. Next on the list of things to do was to lay out our sprinklers. We had established our layout. We were going to have flower beds on the perimeter and grass in the center. I was a little skeptical on grass. I wanted grass, but once I laid everything out, I thought there was too much grass. The wife wanted a lot of grass, and in the end, we kept the flower beds 4’ out from the fence and grass in the middle.

I had never done a sprinkler system before and was kind of weary on having this system be my first. So I went to Craig’s list and started looking for a sprinkler guy. After I made a few calls, I found a guy that would do it for around $500. Before the sprinkler guy came, I went ahead and established the boarder between the flower bed and grass. I bought black plastic boarder that you find at any big box store. Now I had my plan mapped out for the sprinkler guy.

I had the guy come and he installed the sprinklers in a few days. He used the traditional sprinklers that you see for most lawns. I didn’t have any issues with him and he did a great job. He showed me how the system worked, turned on each sprinkler line and when we were finished there wasn’t a dry spot. No dry spots mean all the grass should get water and ideally none would die.

Here are the only picture I have of the sprinklers, wish I took more.


Here is a tip if you ever do a sprinkler system, make a map of your yard and where each line goes. It will come in handy if you have to make repairs, or want to remodel your yard.

Well, these sprinklers didn’t stay in very long. I will get into that in my next post as it ties in with the guy I hired to do our brick work.

*As I was writing this post, I realized we painted the fence after the sprinklers.*

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