The Wildman Project

Backyard Transformation Part 4

The PINK fence needed to go!! Being that we were apart of a HOA, I was allowed to paint the inside of the fence, but I wasn’t allowed to paint the top or outside(public side) of the fence. I wanted to paint the fence now because I didn’t have any obstacles to deal with.

The hard part was picking the color. We went with a fence paint/stain and  the color options were slim. Ideally we wanted something to match the house, but the trim on the house was PINK! So we went with a grayish color. It looked more brownish when we were looking at it in the store. Probably should have bought a sample and tested it out on the fence.

I tried my best at getting all the old loose paint off the fence with a wire brush. I wanted to do this so that the new paint was able to stick to a solid surface. When it came time to paint, I decided to purchase a Wagner paint sprayer for this job. Plus, I thought it would be a good investment. This did make the job go fast; the fence was painted in a few hours.





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