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Backyard Transformation Part 2

We purchased our house at the end of August. I built a gate which was our first step in keeping our dog in the backyard. Next it was time to play with the dirt. By this time, it was the rainy season and we  had a couple of good rains. This helped soften the ground. Our friends let us borrow a good heavy-duty roto-tiller and I went to town. I wanted to loosen the dirt so that it was somewhat workable.

back yard 3-1-09 001

back yard 3-1-09 004After doing a few rows with the tiller, I discovered that our backyard was full of rocks. After a while, I started to hate the rocks.

back yard 3-1-09 009

back yard 3-1-09 008

This took about a day, and boy were my arms tired. Moving the tiller around is no joke.

The next weekend I got my rake out and started to rake up all those rocks and clean up the debris.

4-11-09 005

4-11-09 003

4-11-09 001

As you can see in the last 2 pictures, I started to do some investigating on the main water line for the sprinklers. Being that we were apart of a HOA, I didn’t have control of the water to the backyard. I wanted to put in a shut-off valve, so I could turn the water off when needed and not have to contact the HOA.

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